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Removing popcorn from a ceiling can be dirty, demanding and time intensive. Hiring a knowledgeable professional to do the job can be an excellent approach to save on labor, products, and time.

The procedure includes scraping the composition off the ceiling, applying a next texture, and small details in between. If you need assistance with this house improvement job, our Medford, Oregon drywall repair work team is ready.

Our certified and insured professionals thoroughly remove ancient popcorn and traditional acoustic ceilings to upgrade and modernize your house, workplace, or business property. We ensure to protect floorings with covers, scrape, apply, tidy up, and leave your Medford-area home looking better than ever before.

We more than happy to do popcorn removal as part of a larger improvement job or as a single job. Call our regional Jackson County providers right now to get a free estimate and to find out more concerning our reliable and affordable professional services.

History of popcorn ceilings

We first started seeing popcorn ceilings in homes in the 1960s. The design continued to be utilized through the 1980s.

Popcorn was favored as a plaster surface because it didn’t need added color or coating after application. The popcorn appearance was likewise efficient at concealing damages and nicks in the ceiling drywall.

Eventually, we found out that the surface was hard to remain clean and devoid of dust. In addition to that, popcorn ceilings have become an undesirable relic of history.

Those who have tried to remove it by themselves and found the procedure to be challenging to state the least. Elimination needs numerous steps, as detailed in the area listed below.

Our ceiling removal process

We have developed a proven procedure for eradicating a popcorn ceiling and providing a brand-new appearance to the space. It is as follows:.

  1. Recessed lighting and air vent covers are taken out.
  2. Lighting fixtures and fans are covered to protect them.
  3. The wall surfaces and floor surfaces are covered up with drop cloths while doorways and entrances are sealed to stop debris from spreading.
  4. The serious task starts with figuring out if the existing surface is painted or water based. If water based, a water-based treatment is used to weaken and dissolve the composition. Painted popcorn needs more scraping effort, which typically causes extra repairs needed for the drywall.
  5. After removal, drywall repairs and patching are made to make a level surface.
  6. The ceiling is sanded to assure a smooth surface area that is ideal for a brand-new texture and/or primer to be incorporated.
  7. We apply a composition or paint of your desire, making for a total transformation.
  8. To finish things up, our Medford team gets rid of all supplies and cleans up the area, leaving you with a spotless room.

The whole procedure typically takes two days to two weeks. It depends on the reach of the job and measurements of the room(s). We deliver you updates everyday and constantly keep you notified of latest developments.

Connect with us at your convenience to arrange a free assessment with our experienced and proficient team.

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